Debt Collection Attorneys

We can assist you to get a legal order to collect your debt directly off of the debtor’s salary.

Flemix & Associates Inc. is an attorney and debt collection firm. We have become the preferred legal practice for a significant number of South Africa’s largest financial institutions.

This overwhelming market acceptance and subsequent rapid growth path are thanks in no small part to our powerful debt collection strategies and the exceptional education and training of our staff.

We can assist you with all manner of credit control functions.

We deal in the following:

    • National legal recoveries
    • Emolument attachment order
    • Tracing debtors

Our typical clients are

    • Micro Lenders
    • Financial Institutions incl banks
    • Retailers
    • Clothing Chain stores

Please note that we deal with large cases only which is defined as 100 cases or more for amounts R500 000 and over.

Reason for enquiry:
I want you to collect money for my company

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